Set it Free (Fallen Eagles MC Book 3) by T. Birmingham – Review by Jenni Bishop

Set it Free (Fallen Eagles MC Book 3)Set it Free by T. Birmingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Set it Free (Fallen Eagles MC Book 3) by T. Birmingham is a romantic suspense and I loved it. It is the third book in the series, and I suggest you start at the beginning and work up to this one because there is a lot of reference of things that happened in the other two books. Each book is about one of four sisters. Pages turned quickly because I needed to know what the outcome was. It is an emotional read and yes there were tears ok a lot of tears but there were also moments of laughter.

Springs past continues to haunt her and to dull her pain in alcohol is the only way she can cope. Unfortunately, she has to hit rock bottom and lose the one thing trying to hold her together.

Callum ‘Casper’ Gordon can’t walk away but doesn’t want to deal with old enemies. He needs to overcome his past to move on.

Will they both get what they want? To find out grab a copy you will love it as well.

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