Singles and Other Singularities (The woman Scientist Trilogy 2- The Italian Saga Book 8) by Gaia B Amman

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Singles and Other Singularities (The woman Scientist Trilogy 2- The Italian Saga Book 8) by Gaia B Amman


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Genre – Women’s literature

Page Count – 366 pages

Cover Designer – Gaia B Amman

 Publishing Company – Kuki Publishing

Goodreads –

Epigenetics, gene silencing, passion, and friendship—Leda Balni is one of many graduate students, scrambling to make a difference in the race for the cure.
Is work all that matters?
Flora is engaged to the wrong man, Emin is a player, Makoto is in love with his experiments, and gorgeous Iul is smitten with unrequited feelings—not to mention exasperating Amar, who kissed Leda probably out of spite.
All of them are in the hands of temperamental bosses, funding agencies, and the United-States Immigration Services.
Does anyone ever find love? Results? Funding? Will Leda?
You’ll adore this riveting novel because it’s like Grey’s Anatomy in cancer research: funny, emotional, and extremely relatable with soothing pearls of wisdom for the single and paired.
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Born and raised in Italy, Gaia B. Amman is the author of Linked, a sizzling sci-fi political thriller about empathy and diversity, and The Italian Saga (six volumes released so far). She was the 1996 and 1997 winner of a Short Story Award in Arese (MI), Italy.

Fluent in four languages, Amman has a Master in Medical Biotechnology (genetic engineering) and a PhD in Molecular Oncology (molecular cancer research). She is a Professor of Biology at D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York, and the recipient of several science awards (UniMI fellow 2002-05, DOD fellow 2005-07, AICF fellow 2007-08, AICR fellow 2007-09, DOD fellow 2010-12, 2017, 2016 DYC Researcher of the Year, 2016 AAUP Scholar of the Year).

An avid traveler for work and pleasure, Amman has backpacked across the world. When nobody is watching, she binge-reads novels and manga, watches anime, or rocks it out with her band, the 9Ts On.

Amman’s novels delve into the depths of human nature, combining the realistic approach of a scientist with the humor and empathy of a survivor.

She is a vegetarian and a fervent supporter of diversity and human rights.

Among her favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Jandy Nelson, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Antoine De Saint Exupèry.

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