Jake Wolfe Series Bundle Box Set: (Books 1-2-3) Vigilante Justice Thriller Series by Mark Nolan – Review by Jenni Bishop

Jake Wolfe Series Bundle Box Set (Jake Wolfe #1-3)Jake Wolfe Series Bundle Box Set by Mark Nolan
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Jake Wolfe Boxed set by Mark Nolan is a set of books that are gripping and enthralling and hard to put down. I read these books a few years ago and loved them just as much this go round. I love the danger and action but I also love the humour and I love that the stories are told in multiple POV;s. These books are cleverly written masterpieces and I love Marks work. He is a must read author and when all the books are in a one stop shop book set what could be better.

Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie (Jake Wolfe #1) is an action-packed thriller. This gripping tale is one rollercoaster ride with lots of twists and turns you don’t see coming. It is a suspenseful thriller that is so engrossing that the end is upon you before you know it. As much as there is action galore and a barrel of suspense it is also funny. Jake and his best friend Terrell just crack me up. Not to mention Cody.

Jake Wolfe is ex-military, and also a photojournalist for local news. Whilst following a lead for digging up dirt on a high-profile lawyer, he witnesses his murder, putting himself in the path of the killer. What ensues is a game of cat and mouse as the killer is hell bent on tracking down Jake. But he is not the only one that wants to take Jake down, his ex druggie alcoholic fiancée is abusive and unhinged and a sociopath who is a police officer and a major bully also want a piece of the action. He has found an amazing woman but can he hang on to her?

Mark is a unique and dynamic storyteller and he packs a punch with his vivid vision and portrayal of fully developed characters and never-ending action.

Vigilante Assassin (Jake Wolfe #2) is the next amazing addition to the series is just as gripping and suspenseful as the first book with lots of action and danger, drama and thrills. Once again there are lots of twists and turns and you are thrown into the unknown and just have to hang on for dear life.

Jake Wolfe and Cody once again is drawn in to the danger that seems to follow him around. He is a good guy but cannot stand violence against others or those in need, including animals if he can do something about it. Jake will do everything in his power to keep them safe.

Lauren Stephens finds her husband is missing and calls in a security team to help locate him. When Jake and Cody follow along they discover a gruesome sight that causes Lauren to realise she did not know her husband at all. But this discovery leads to a dangerous and volatile situation and now she and her children are in extreme danger.

This fast paced read is completely enthralling and I read it in one sitting because it is so good that you don’t want to waste a minute in finding out what is going on.

Killer Lawyer (Jake Wolfe #3) is a very complex and very cleverly written gripping and suspenseful tale and the next book in this wonderful series. This story is told in multiple POV’s which gives us more of an insight to the characters and a multi layered dimension. The story is action packed and fast paced with the usual twist and turns that lead you astray. The story is intense and will have your heart racing one minute and have you laughing the next. The danger and the intrigue, the mystery and drama will have the pages falling one after the other as you race towards the finish line.

Jake Wolfe is a former marine, a lawyer, covert operative and a nice guy who always rubs people the wrong way without even trying but if you are ever in a bind him and his buddy, ex war dog, Cody are the ones you want covering your back. The race is on to stop a serial killer whose kills have no rhyme or reason. If not stopped no one is safe. Marks plots are complex yet simplistic in their threads in the web he has cleverly woven together. I am very much looking forward to the next book.

The Jake Wolfe series is one of my all-time favourites. The characters are hard not to fall in love with their own unique personalities and characteristics. Emotions run high when we see others in danger and the heart gets a good ‘ol pump.

I highly recommend this series to everyone and I can’t wait to see what they get up to next.

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