Jake (Billionaire Blind Dates Book 1) by Toni Denise

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Jake (Billionaire Blind Dates Book 1) by Toni Denise
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 186
Cover Designer – Vanilla Lily Designs

Five men form a bond over their mutual business opportunities and the trials of finding real love in a world of greed.

After Jake discovered his last girlfriend was in it only for his money, he has given up on dating, tired of being used. It’s hard to find the right woman for him when everyone knows who he is and what’s in his bank account. At poker night with his friends, they come up with a plan. They will all use the new blind date service offered in town where everything is done through an app and dinner dates are done in the dark with only minimal lighting to see if the pair hit things off. Each man gets to pick a person for the others to blind date, with just a few rules.

Lauren doesn’t like rich men. Almost all the ones she’s known seem to think that women should bow down to them since they have money. She’s over it and would like to find a respectable man to date that doesn’t have loads in the bank. Someone who, like her, just wants to live comfortably, not lavishly. She also hates being thrust into the media. When her boss’s sister begs her to go on a blind date, she reluctantly agrees, thinking she will just get it over with to stop her from asking again.

Lauren and Jake hit things off immediately. How will Lauren react when she finds out who Jake is? How will Jake react when he finds out he’s dating his friend’s assistant?


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Toni Denise was born and raised in Southeastern Virginia where she now raises her own children, three dogs, and lives with her husband. She has an Associates’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors’s degree in Human Resources Management, and is pursuing her MBA. She is an avid reader of romance as well as an author.

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