Landing the Lawman (Hills of Texas #5) by Kadie Scott – Review by Lucy Berson

Landing the Lawman (Hills of Texas, #5)Landing the Lawman by Kadie Scott
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Landing the Lawman, (Hills of Texas #5) A Hills of Texas Romance, by Kadie Scott.
This is the fifth book in this series. I have read all of the books in this series so far, and I have absolutely loved every single one of them!!!
We have seen glimpses of Carter Hill throughout this series, so to finally get her story, was great!!! Carter and Logan have off the charts chemistry. Carter left her family and her fiancé because she wanted her career. Years have passed and she is seeing all of her brothers happily married with children here or on the way, and she knows that is what she wants. The only person in her sights to make this happen, is Logan……. they work extremely well together, could they possibly be more than just “friends”??
There are parts of Logan’s life that no one knows about. With him being on the Hill’s ranch, everything is coming back and he has to deal with not only his past but also his feelings towards Carter…. The only issue is: Logan doesn’t do relationships….. will things change or is heartache in the future for Logan and Carter????

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