Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3) by Mya O’Malley – Review by Shani Kenny

Lillie (Maggie Trilogy Series Book 3)Lillie by Mya O’Malley
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Naomi has returned in the 3rd installment of the Maggie series, to once again find closure for spirits that are in need of peace.

As she settles into her life with Bryce and Holly, she’s feeling like she’s finally able to rest. She’s had an eventful year or two and its reasonable to say she could use some serious quiet time. All does not stay quiet as she’s revisited by a spirit from her childhood, Lillie. Even when she had interacted with Lillie as a child she understood that there were parts of her that were not ok, mean spirited and downright scary. As she got older, she no longer heard from Lillie and in fact, she had pushed those memories so far down that she had forgotten. But it was one of those moments of exploring that she became face to face with a harsh reality, Lillie wanted something from her. But what is it?

Along the way, she’s asked to help out on a special case where a woman is killed. There aren’t many clues and it believed that Naomi’s special abilities can help them find out who did it and why. Combined with the difficulties of Lillie’s tormenting, her new relationship with Holly and the new case, Naomi feels like this will all be her undoing. How can she find out who was truly behind what happened to Lillie, the homicide victim and save her family at the same time? It’s one thing after another and she’s determined to not let anyone take her happy ending away.

I loved this series, even the moments where it startled me! My heart ached for Lillie, even when I wanted to scream and yell at her. The emotional pull with this whole story got me and I couldn’t put it down. It’s so well written, and so spot on with the ghostly moments. It’s the perfect read for anyone that loves more realistic paranormal books with a side of suspense and romance!

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