Renegade (The Mercenaries Series Book 1) by Raven White – Review by Shani Kenny

Renegade (The Mercenaries #1)Renegade by Raven White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eliza is a woman who knows what she wants. Right now, what she wants is to be able to fulfill her life’s dream of being a successful musician. She’s worked hard for the chance she’s been given to be in a band that is making a name for themselves and she’s beyond excited that she’s headed out on tour for the first time. What she doesn’t want is to wake up one day at the hospital to find out she’s survived a brutal attack where she was left for dead. What she really wants then is to heal and move on. But when Renegade becomes part of her protection detail, she learns quickly that getting what she wants isn’t going to be that easy.

Renegade is a man who knows what he wants as well. He’s served his country in many ways, and he wants to continue his career protecting those who need it most. When he’s called in on a favor, he never expects what he gets. His protection detail this time is a feisty woman who challenges his every move and sometimes his sanity. But when she lets go, he finds that maybe what he wants can change.

This was such a fun, steamy, entertaining quick novella! I loved the fact that they are such opposites. Renegade is used to being more stealthy and in the shadows, whereas Eliza is flashier and likes the stage lights. They’re both extremely hard-headed with huge hearts to match. Their love story was well written and sweet. I’m really intrigued by the supporting characters too and am interested in seeing where this goes next!

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Running In Snow: A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent – Review by Shani Kenny

Running In Snow, A Holiday NovellaRunning In Snow, A Holiday Novella by Renee Regent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Noelle has faced a tragedy at a young age that has left her a bit anxious about the holidays as she’s gotten older. For her, they hold very bad memories along with the wish to just skip them altogether. She’s been lucky enough to have met a man who not only respects her wishes but doesn’t push to hear the reasons behind it. Within a visit to his family during the holidays she is confronted with her past, faced with the reality of what the bitterness and sadness can do to her in time as well as how deep her love runs for her boyfriend. Can that love help her overcome the bad?

Eve has had a good life, enjoying her relationship, work and is happy. But new years eve has been a day of unease for her since she was dumped. She’s content with keeping to herself on that day and hiding from the world. Instead, her house works against her and makes it difficult. When she decides to take a chance with an offer to spend time with her neighbor it isn’t what she expected. She’s faced with yet another bad memory in the making, realizes she misjudged and has to decide if its time to turn it all around. Can she open up her heart again to find a happy memory?

With short stories its sometimes difficult to capture the true essence of a character’s story from the background, to the present. However, I didn’t experience any lacking of depth in either story. I felt a connection to them both of the women, they’ve had to conquer some pretty bad moments. I loved their journey and had a few aww moments along with a tear or two for Noelle. This may be a quick read, but it’s such a good one! It’s the perfect pairing for some hot cocoa, a blanket, the book and some quiet. Which is exactly what I did.

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Addie: To Wager on Her Future (Other Pens, Mansfield Park book 5) by Leenie Brown – Review by Shani Kenny

Addie: To Wager on Her Future (Other Pens, Mansfield Park #5)Addie: To Wager on Her Future by Leenie Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love historical romances that introduce such a strong-willed female character as it wasn’t necessarily a “thing” in the time period. In this book, we’re introduced to Addie who is as strong-willed as they come. She doesn’t want to be like most other women who are brought up to follow a certain regime as a lady. Instead, she wants to ride her horse astride rather than to the side, be viewed as an equal, have her knowledge and opinions celebrated instead of looked down upon. Because she prefers the company of her horses than actual people, she is able to hide away from a lot of social rules.

When she suddenly has to take on the role of caretaker for her family’s business and farm, it’s a lot more than she bargained for. With her father’s illness, it isn’t easy for her to balance everything, but she’s determined to do so and make them not only stay afloat but a success. Things make a turn when her brother ends up in some trouble and brings along a man that will do what it takes to get what he’s owed, even at someone else’s expense.

Robert too loves horses and is surrounded by them every single day. He’s followed his family into business and has loved everything about it. It’s his life’s work and he wants to expand and do more. His own determination in life mirrors Addie’s. Upon their meeting, it’s clear to him that she is something special.

Together they try to figure out how to help her family, keep things going and figure out if they should ignore the attraction that courses between them. Their chemistry is so on point, and steamy! I really loved the way the author portrayed her characters. They fit the time period so well, but yet there are modern traits visible in all of them. I adored Addie! Her journey isn’t easy, but it really makes up who she is. This is such a sweet, yet steamy historical read. It’s fantastic!

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Winds of Fear (Fearless Series Book 3) by Gledé Browne Kabongo – Review by Shani Kenny

Winds of Fear (Fearless Series #3)Winds of Fear by Glede Browne Kabongo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this suspenseful, scary yet terribly entertaining psychological thriller, you’re thrust into the world of Abbie, a driven, determined, strong-willed, dedicated mother, and wife. She’s dedicated a good chunk of her life to making the best life for her family. One that includes furthering her education, a goal she’s held strong with for a long time. Now, with things on a good track she feels like she can breathe again. But all does not stay on that track when her past threatens to overtake her current reality and her future. It started out with small things like new neighbors, questions being thrown out to them, moments of unease as well as incidents that shake the foundation they’ve built. Then it all hits the fan and suddenly Abbie is fighting for the one thing she holds closest to her heart, her family.

An unexpected threat is trying to tear her world apart. The question is, can she defeat it and get her life back? For a woman who has survived the unthinkable, this is the biggest crisis of her life.

This book was so amazing! There were so many times that I racked my brain, questioning everything and everyone as I read. I’ve become a suspicious reader that makes me think about things on a whole other level with each story I read. For me, this was an exceptional winner! I was thrown around with each twist, various POV’s and the sheer determination of Abbie. It has been quite some time since I’ve read a thriller that was able to grab me from the beginning and hold my attention. With this book, not only was my attention caught but held steady! I found myself reading half the book in one sitting, not wanting to miss a thing! I loved every bit of this book. Even though it can be read as a standalone, I would suggest reading the other books leading up to this one for more history on the characters and their stories. I will be going back to read them myself very soon.

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Hula Girl by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Shani Kenny

Hula GirlHula Girl by Lara Ward Cosio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ava is the typical workaholic, married to her career type. She doesn’t ever think about vacations, taking time off or doing anything except work. That is until she’s forced into a time out and is at odds with herself. Since she’s being forced into it, why not go to where the sand is warm, the sun is hot and the water is the perfect temperature and head off to Hawaii.

Ford is the classic surfer dude, easy going, enjoys the waves, gets lost easily into his days while on vacation. His love of music and teaching is set aside for a quick vacation to recharge. What a better place to do that all, catch some sick waves and embrace the spirit of vacation and just relax than Hawaii?

Their chance meeting sucks them both in. Ava learns to go with the flow, finds a connection with Ford on many levels but knows this has to stay what it is and that’s a vacation fling. Together their agreement turns into some hot and heavy activities that will leave them with memories of a lifetime. What they don’t expect is when they go back to their regular lives, finding each other again (there goes that thing called fate!) and suddenly a predicament. Even though their relationship is “fake” it turns into something way more. Do they go with it and make it work or call it all off?

This book has it all, sexy surfer hottie, gorgeous lawyer beauty, a crazy chicken, engagements, chance meetings all started on the backdrop of one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. I absolutely loved the emotional pull that the author captures between the two. it’s not hard to fall in love with their story and want so much more for them. It’s an exceptional read that will have you wanting more!

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Hidden Obsession (An Alliance Agency Novel Book 2) by Maddie Wade & India Kells – Review by Shani Kenny

Hidden Obsession (An Alliance Agency Novel #2)Hidden Obsession by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mason is a man full of good, solid strength. His drive to do good in the world is what brought him to Alliance Agency and the work he has been dedicated to. But when he arrived, he never expected the feisty, spunky and equally dedicated Cleo.

Cleo has a driving force to better the world, even if it’s just from her desk at what has become her home in the agency. Her big heart and dedication to the team comes from a part of her past she is trying hard to leave behind. She’s fighting the attraction that she has to the devastatingly charming and handsome Mason.

When they become closer, their worlds intertwine. in that means, her past is coming forward quickly. Though she’s scared, she comes to terms a bit with knowing if she has Mason she can deal with it. What she doesn’t expect is the twisted turns ahead. As they’re faced with serious obstacles, they fight to hold on. I was completely enthralled, captivated and slightly sucked into the action as I fought to figure out the who’s, why’s and how’s! I surely didn’t expect for the bit of a twist that had me yelling, “what the heck?” at my kindle as I refocused and read on. I loved this book and look forward to more from these two! It’s such a fabulous read that will keep you guessing!

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Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel Book 1) by Maddie Wade & India Kells – Review by Shani Kenny

Knight Watch (An Alliance Agency Novel #1)Knight Watch by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

King is a sexy brit who was once a military man, has come to the states to join a group of specialists in a security agency. From the beginning, he gives off this great strength that makes you believe he’ll do just what he says. Whether its a vow to protect, a promise to make someone pay or a simple bit of humor, he stands by everything he says and does. He’s strong, alpha, fierce but surprisingly gentle to those who need that. He’s tall, dark, and dangerous!

Sydney is a young woman who has been dealt a brutal blow in a short period of time. She’s fought to be a strong, independent, fierce and fiery woman who has her life together. Not only did she survive a trauma at the hands of someone who should have protected her, but she also finds out that moments from her past hold a lot more information than she thought. She’s survived a lot, and she’s going to show what a fighter she is. Super determined, brave, smart and with a fiery spirit she’ll prove she’s got more grit to her than anyone.

Together they have a common goal, to end things once and for all. Through their battle though, they’ll discover more about each other and themselves to boot. Their story turns into a love story that has you cheering them on and wanting more. I commend the authors for their approach and handling of sensitive topics. Such a good book!

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