Scoring Chance: A Mile High Miners Novella by Lane Martin – Review by Shani Kenny

Scoring Chance : A Mile High Miners NovellaScoring Chance : A Mile High Miners Novella by Lane Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eden has goals in mind, and those goals include working hard and doing everything possible to make her life a better one than she’s been dealt with. Having been through a lot as a kid, her world turned upside down she wants to pay it forward and do good in the world. She has a plan, but all that changes when she’s summoned to meet someone about a job. What she doesn’t expect as her world changes again are to meet Rhett.

Rhett lives and breathes hockey. The sport saved him when his world fell apart. He had the one person he could count on ripped from him and he had to learn how to live again. He was angry at the world and no longer understood things. He’s living his dream and nothing can stop him. What he doesn’t expect is to meet Eden and have everything changed all over again for him.

In the end, they have a lot of ups and downs. I loved their love story! it was sweet, chaotic, hot, and one of a kind. Its a love story about compassion and understanding and growing. A fabulous read that makes you swoon!

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