Mr. Nice Guy (Pierce Brothers Book 1) by Belinda Williams – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Mr. Nice Guy (Pierce Brothers, #1)Mr. Nice Guy by Belinda Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mr. Nice Guy was such a great read and I can’t say enough good stuff about it. Chelsea is the little sister of Tom’s best friend and when she needed a place to stay, Tom took her in. Typical book..just like all the others, right…..WRONG!
Chelsea dates loser after loser until one night her best friend schemes up a plan for her to date a nice guy for once. Who else would be perfect to play that part aside from Tom? Only one problem, Tom is extremely attracted to Chelsea. When she sees him at the beach with no shirt on and he sees her in that itty bitty bikini, the reader expects it to be done…..NOPE!
They are supposed to date for one week. The first few dates are just a nightmare lol. Also, Tom has a lot of baggage he still hasn’t overcome yet. These two are absolutely perfect for eachother but what if, they both end up having real feelings for eachother and then it doesn’t work out. They are friends and roommates. Is it worth losing what they have? Will they ever find out if it’s worth a shot? You have to read this 5* read to find out. I loved it and cannot wait for more.

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