Mountains Climbed (Mountains Series #2) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Jenni Bishop

Mountains Climbed (Mountains Series Book 2)Mountains Climbed by Phoebe Alexander
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Mountains Climbed (Mountains Series Book 2) by Phoebe Alexander is the continuing erotic tale where there is much angst and longing, heartache and pain. You need to read Mountains Wanted first because it continues on from it. Phoebe has once again given us a thought-provoking story of one’s sexual journey and of what some will see as taboo. It is a great story, but it is such an emotive story that you feel everything the characters are feeling. Phoebe has once again given us a story that is beautifully written and an erotic contemporary romance that you will love from start to finish. I was so drawn within the story that I read it in one sitting.

Sarah has to learn to live without the love of her life which is heart-breaking within itself, but she also has to learn that she must adjust her way of thinking when it comes to the needs of her children. Even though she tried to move on, she could not help what her heart wants but there is only so much she can take before she finally gives up.

James is on an overseas deployment and can’t help but think of the one woman who opened his eyes, he knows he should only focus on his fiancée, but Sarah holds a place in his heart and needs her in his life. Unfortunately, it is too little too late, and he may have lost the greatest thing to ever happen to him.

I can’t wait to read the next book to see if my suppositions are founded.

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