Sky to Sea (Crimson Sash Book 2) By Amanda Marin – Review by Lisa Helmick

Sky to Sea (Crimson Sash, #2)Sky to Sea by Amanda Marin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG this author is amazing! She makes me really *feel* the emotions of these two. I am totally involved in their plight! I want them to have a hoppy ending. Just not sure that is going to happen. So every time it goes south for them…my heart plummets I am scouring my mind to see what can be fixed or changed so that doesn’t happen. Then everything just seems to go right and my heart soars! Happiness! But inevitably down… down we go again.

If you can’t tell I really empathize with these characters. The writing is so smooth I can’t believe how easy I get caught up into this story. The characters draw me in and really don’t let go. I think about them even when I’m not reading. I love these two!

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