Taming Zane (Almost Perfect Series Book 2) by Lisa Lanay

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Taming Zane (Almost Perfect Series Book 2) by Lisa Lanay

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Genre – Romance

Page Count –  225 pages

GOODREADS – https://www.goodreads.com/lisalanay

She wants to believe that love can make anything possible, but can it?

Shannon McGregor boarded the plane to San Francisco with simple plans of touring the city for a few days, followed by a job interview at the end of the week. What she hadn’t included in her itinerary was fellow passenger, Zane Taylor. Not only is the gorgeous doctor single and an obvious flirt, he also becomes her knight in shining armor when she finds herself in a predicament that requires his help! After several days, and one particularly steamy night, she has started dreaming about forever with Zane. But are amazing nights all he is prepared to offer her? Can she risk leaving behind everything she knows and loves for a man who may never commit?

When it comes to love and heartache, he has been there and done that, no repeats necessary.

Even though he considers himself a self-proclaimed bachelor for life, Zane Taylor has always been unable to resist the opportunity to rescue a beautiful woman in need of help. Especially when the beautiful woman possesses legs that seem to go on forever and bright green eyes that have him fantasizing about her extending her stay in town indefinitely. Volunteering for medical assignments all over the world, Zane has had a woman in every port, but has his ship finally come in, and for good? Is he willing to make the sacrifices he thinks are necessary to keep Shannon in San Francisco? And if not, is he willing to let her return to Chicago and leave him and his heart behind? 

When obligations and duty rule their heads, will their hearts finally prevail, bringing them together for a life they’ve both dreamed of?


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Lisa has loved romance since reading her first romantic short story in a magazine during high school. Since then, she had read thousands of romances, preferring a splash of humor throughout the story line and of course, a happy ending! She began writing stories in her head over twenty years ago and finally decided to open up her laptop and record them. Today, her characters love nothing more to play out their stories while she walks on the beach or is on a airplane – so if you happen to see her in either place, make sure to ask her for introductions to the characters in her next book but be prepared to stop and have a glass of wine with her, as she will undoubtedly want to bounce ideas off of you!

Lisa is an advocate for rescue dogs and beach preservation and can often be found supporting various charitable causes to support rescue dogs or walking the beaches picking up trash and using the time to work out dialogue in her mind. She travels extensively, some of her favorite places include Rome, Hong Kong, and South Florida.

Lisa is busy working on her sixth book in the Almost Perfect Series, Enticing Luke.







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