The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven Book 7) by Lynda Filler – Review by Debi Kircher

The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven #7)The Istanbul Conspiracy by Lynda Filler
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The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven Book 7) by Lynda Filler

5 +++++ Stars

WOW!! The second I finished this story I immediately went to find the next in the series and wouldn’t you know its not available yet 🙁

I am so in love with this series I cant even stress that enough. This was an edge of your seat kind of story. I started it and did not put it down until I finished, my head was throbbing because I was reading so fast, I couldn’t stop myself. There is a lot of moving parts in this book and I loved how each chapter let me know where I was and that told me who I was with.

Get ready because this book starts out with high energy and never lets go. I love this team..Luke and Samaar are right up in the top of my favorite book couples ever, and I was thoroughly invested in the new characters that were introduced and so glad that so many of my instincts were right with these people. The twists that kept making my jaw drop were placed so perfectly making sure the reader had no clue they were coming, and our little Alice is growing up, I love how she is taking after her momma yet holding on to so much of her normal childhood spirit. Her part in this whole story was written perfectly!

The ending!!! Pieces started falling into place for me and I had to stop and think about them before I read on making whatever wait time I have till the next book almost unbearable. Ive decided to do a complete reread of this entire series timed perfectly for the next release. There is no way I can recommend reading this as a standalone, you absolutely must one click this entire series..It is Incredible!

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