2am Secrets by M. Piper – Review by Liz Vrchota

2am Secrets2am Secrets by M. Piper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I didn’t realize how much I needed a hot steamy and funny read until I finished 2am Secrets by M. Piper. I had read some heavy books up until this one and it was a breath of light fresh air when I least expected it. I wasn’t sure what I would get because I have not read M. Piper previous to this novel, but I knew from the sexy and bright cover and the blurb I would probably be pleasantly surprised, and I was so glad to say that I was! This book had it all and was written with finesse and passion that just jumped off the kindle screen into my head as if I was right there with the characters.

This may be an age old story line, girl falls in love with her best friend’s brother but he is off limits, but it is written in a way that still seemed fresh and relevant to now. I found myself laughing out loud and fanning myself as I read several times. The two main characters, Sadie and Archer are amazing and strong in each their own ways which makes them and their story more reasonable and believable. I loved how it ended and I am so looking forward to going to find out what else is already available by M. Piper while I anxiously await the newest thing from her!

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