Before The Second Show by Thia Finn – Review by Carrie Reed

Before the Second ShowBefore the Second Show by Thia Finn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars!

Great book by Thia Finn. I really enjoyed the aspect of the characters being in a band. It always makes for a fun read, with some twists and turns because of the lifestyle those characters lead. Alex being the lead guitarist in the band Trace has all of the temptations of someone in the spotlight and famous, so how he would remember one girl, one kiss, one night after a show is beyond me. Emmy, bless her heart, thinks after her first kiss, and with a rock star, she is in love makes me cringe. When they meet years later and he doesn’t remember her, of course my heart breaks for her, but I also am thinking how naive she is and is pleased to see her grow into a stronger woman. The storyline is wonderful. I loved following along with Emmy and Alex to see where their story would end, if it would end with them together or just in heartbreak and mess.
The secondary characters were awesome. Adam, Alex’s brother and Rylee, Emmy’s best friend are nicely written in, and wouldn’t mind seeing a story about each of them. Overall would 10 out of 10 recommend this book, it is filled with drama, romance and music making for a wild journey.

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