Before the Second Show by Thia Finn – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Before the Second ShowBefore the Second Show by Thia Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before the Second Show by Thia Finn
4 of 5 Stars
Before the Second Show is a rock star, second chance romance between Emmy and Alex. Alex is the rock star guitarist and he and Emmy meet and fall in love at sixteen when she sneaks out to see him at a gig and they meet backstage but Alex soon has to move on as he has more gigs to play. Emmy is aware that falling in love with a rock star and at sixteen is not a good plan and she tries to forget her encounter with the sexy guitarist. Five years later Emmy is happily in a relationship with Marcus and works as a realtor. Marcus who is working with Alex and his band, and has no idea that Emmy has a past with Alex recommends Emmy when Alex and brother Adam need a realtor. Emmy is then annoyed when Alex seems to have no memory oh her and shows no recognition, however although he does not remember her he does feel a pull towards Emmy and finds her intriguing. Emmy has also never forgotten Alex Trace and has never really felt the same chemistry with anyone else. Fate brings the two back together and a change in circumstances in Alex’s life brings the two closer together and makes Alex realise what and who he really wants.
I’m not usually a rock star romance fan but I loved this book by Thia Finn and fell in love with her diverse range of characters. I was cheering Emmy on as a giggly sixteen year old with her first crush, sneaking out to a gig and falling in love with sexy Alex Trace and was fascinated by her change through the years to a more mature women, with a good job and stable relationship but who still had a bit of the sixteen year old Emmy in her when it came to her feelings for Alex, her first love.
Rock star and rock god guitarist Alex was a fantastic character, obviously good looking and a typical young man who has had women throwing themselves at him as he toured the world with his band. I enjoyed seeing how the relationship between Emmy and Alex developed especially after fate seems to bring them back together and give them a second chance at love. I found the dynamic between the two and how it changed from their first encounter was very realistic. The secondary characters, such as Alex’s brother Adam and the rest of his band were all fascinating characters in their own right and I would have liked to have seen them have their own stories but this is a stand alone book.
A complex rock star, second chance romantic story with a twist and with a great range of characters and a storyline that kept me hooked from page one until the last page, I definitely recommend this book.

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