Brutal & Raw: Mafia Romance & Psychological Thriller (Beneventi Family Book 1) by Sonya Jesus – Review by Juls Dick

Brutal & Raw (Beneventi Family, #1)Brutal & Raw by Sonya Jesus
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book centres around the Beneventi crime family and their leader’s obsession with a girl that escaped him. This is a very dark book and not for the faint hearted, the subject matter is at times really gruesome and graphic and the concept of “the farm” is a bit disturbing. However, it is really well written and hopefully in following books the romance will come out a bit more.

The central story focuses on Breaker Beneventi and his, somewhat distorted, view of love for a girl he refers to as 327, a prisoner who he had developed feelings for (after kidnapping her) and then subsequently released. 327 (or Lyla) has found a safe-haven and is trying to move on with her life however this does not go to plan. I would like to learn more about Lyla’s past and see how this story develops as well as learning more about the other Beneventi siblings.

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