King & Hunt: A Lust / Hate Story By Brienne Dubh – Review by Tausha Treadway

King & Hunt: A Lust / Hate StoryKing & Hunt: A Lust / Hate Story by Brienne Dubh
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King & Hunt: A Lust / Hate Story By Brienne Dubh. This is the story of Christian Hunt & Gabriella King who have a love/hate relationship. When they first meet they are instantly full of hate for one another and as the years have gone by things only get worse. They always have smart things to say to one another and not nice things. Gabriella is smart, beautiful, sassy and got a mind of her own so she doesn’t take too well to Christian telling her what to do. They finally call a temporary truce and it causes them both confusion. Has their feelings changed from hate to more positive feelings? They have always felt the sexual tension between each other but their hate always overruled it. What will happen between them? Will they give in to their desires? I loved this book! Its a short, fun ,sexy read.

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