Mountains Loved (Mountains Series #3) By Phoebe Alexander – Review by Cassi Rogers

Mountains Series Boxed Set: (Books 1-3)Mountains Series Boxed Set: by Phoebe Alexander
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If you haven’t read this or added this to your TBR pile, you definitely should be doing that RIGHT NOW! This is the second series that I have read from phoebe Alexander and I can say that she is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors. The way she writes is phenomenal and the emotion she packs into all of her books is just unbelievable. I was not disappointed in the least little bit while reading any of these books.
Mountains Wanted (book 1): The characters in this book were all so charming and precious. The chemistry between the different couples was remarkable. I felt like I truly knew them, as if they were my personal friends. Sarah is a very smart and open minded individual. I love the relationships that she develops throughout the book, especially her deep attachment to James. Throughout the struggles of their rocky start, I understood why Sarah would feel so connected to James while they were together and so distant while they were apart. It was fun watching their relationship grow. Sarah’s best friend, Rachel, is just a peach. She speaks her mind without a filter and I love it… she takes this book to a whole new level. She is witty, funny, and really balances Sarah out.
Mountains Climbed (book 2): The characters from the 1st book are still in this one as are some new characters. Of course, I love all of the original characters and I was thrilled to see they were still there. At this point I would say that Sarah and James have kind of tried to part ways, He is deployed overseas and is wanting to settle down with someone else. Meanwhile, Sarah is broken hearted and just trying to feel like a person again. While out trying to live her life, she meets a young man named Garett Stone. He is charming, good looking, and a great distraction from the pain in her life. I desperately wanted to like Garett… but he just made it so hard to do so. Sarah ended up being hurt… again. I wanted so much for her to be happy. The push and pull of the relationship that she and James share this slightly frustrating. However I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I understand both of their struggles, uncertainty, and desire. I feel as if they share a connection that many people don’t get to experience in life. I was over the moon reading the ending to this book!
Mountains Loved (book 3): This book is the continuation of the story about James and Sarah. From the very first page of book one I was absorbed in the love story with these two. I was thrilled that things finally worked out for them as a couple as I was fighting for them all along. Sarah finally has her happy ending. Or what she thought was her happy ending. However, marriage and adult life is sometimes not as simple as it seems to be. The happy couple struggles with many heart wrenching things, like fertility issues, trust issues, and the decision to open their relationship back up or not. I felt the heartache myself, as if it were me who was the one suffering through these terrible things. There were several times throughout this book I wanted to punch James directly in the face… but I knew Sarah, who is the voice of reason in the relationship, would get it all straightened out. I also felt sadness in my soul when there were points brought up about how quickly your children grow up. But I will say that every emotion I felt while on the roller coaster of reading this book was so worth the beautiful ending.

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