The Flame and The Blade (Flame and Blade Series) by Meredith Hart – Review by Kerry Carr

The Flame and The Blade (Flame and Blade #1)The Flame and The Blade by Meredith Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great adventure story filled with twists and turns

Lyria ia a member of the Guards Guild who has been given her assignment to protect a noble man on his quest to find a lost contract from his dead ancestor. What she doesnt realise is that the noble man is actually wildmage who’s magic is fire based.

Vethe comes from a noble background however his ancestor is the infamous Duskbringer who almost destroyed the world by opening up a portal and releasing demons into the world. This cause Duskbringer to be defeated and his home destroyed. Vethe enjoys his life of alcohol and women, killing and stealing to get by, however a call from his aunt changes everything. Vethe has a contract to marry a daughter of a very wealthy family and his aunty either wants him to marry her or for her family to pay a large amount of money to get her out of the contract.

The problem is the last known place of this contract is in the destroyed home of Duskbringer, so Vethe and his guard Lyria set out through the Demons Forest to find it.

Will they succeed or is the contract another story with no truth to it.

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