The Boss Prince (It’s Raining Royals) by Alix Nichols – Review by Kerry Carr

The Boss Prince (It's Raining Royals, #1)The Boss Prince by Alix Nichols
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved this romance story. The author does an amazing job of mixing a romance and making it so funny at parts I actually laughed out loud. The author does a great job with her characters. I love Lucie. She is a funny straight talking woman and it’s her personality and attitude which adds the comedy to this book.

The story of Max and Lucie working together to find a key in a fan to save Max’s Royal family is a unique story. The attraction between them is immediate but with Max’s secret about being a prince and the job they have actually hired Lucie to do, could their relationship survive.
Will Lucie carry on with this job and not realise her real purpose or will she figure out that Max and his family are just using her in their quest to find a key.

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