TWO HEARTS UNLIKELY HEROES (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 8) by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance #9)Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes by Tamara Ferguson
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Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes is the 9th book in the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior series by Tamara Ferguson. I have read most of them and this one started very similar to another, at first I worried I had already read it. It is a nice clean romance novel with a touch of suspense. I enjoy all of Ferguson’s books, and my only complaint is she never spends enough time on the endings. This book follows two wounded Captains, Samantha Caldwell and Ben Nash as they are reunited. Ben met Sam the day she was wounded, but neither knew the other’s name. Fate, or perhaps planned intervention, brought them back together years later at a training camp for wounded soldiers. Terrorists are targeting Sam, and they don’t know who or why. We spend the entire book anticipating the attack, wondering who and why she is being targeted. When the attack finally happened, there was very little information provided and the story wrapped up soon after. I would have liked to learn more about them, and have the scene described better. That aside, I still highly recommend this book and all of Ferguson’s. I am excited when I see another book released. She has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

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