Two Hearts Unlikely Hero’s ( Two Hearts Wounded Warriors Book 9) by Tamara Ferguson – Review by Heather Bass

Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance #9)Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes by Tamara Ferguson
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I have read a few books from this incredible author but she always ends up surprising me. This is the ninth book to the amazing series Two Hearts Wounded Warrior. My favorite genre is military romance and this book exceeded all my expectations. I was so excited when I got this book. I stopped everything and started to read it immediately. I could not stop until I finished the story. I devoured this incredible book in one night.

Captain Samantha Caldwell and her team were hijacked by Iraq’s terrorists. She had to think fast to get herself out of danger but she ended up in some crossfire. Samantha ended up just nearly escaping with her life. It is two years later and she is helping disabled heroes. She loves what she does. Samantha gets a new vet and he looks familiar to her. She gets to know the flier Ben Nash and she feels a strong connection to him. Samantha doesn’t want to get into trouble by liking a man below her rank. She is surprised when she is told the real reason why Ben is there. Samantha is now a target to the enemies she thought she took care of years ago. Will Ben be able to keep her safe or will it be too late?
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