FLOWERS IN DECEMBER TRILOGY: Flowers in December, Coming Home, Second Chance by Jane Suen – Review by Jana Teppih

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Flowers in December gives us all three of Jane Suen’s books in the series – Flowers in December, Coming Home and Second Chance. I love when the writers give us a treat and combine their series in sets, it gives us pages and pages and hours upon hours of pleasure. You only notice that the time has passed when you come up for air!
Flowers in December is the opening act and it introduces us to Connor who has just lost his mother and he is struggling hard with his loss. It also introduces us to Tom, Connor’s mother’s orange tabby, a character you will not forget … and then there is Mary Ann …Flowers in December is a profound journey of grief and how we deal with it and the writer takes care of Connor and how she tells his story. What makes it even more profound is that Connor is alone, utterly alone; he has no one to come home to …
Coming Home takes place four months after the end of Flowers in December when Connor ‘comes home’ for holidays. I was delighted to meet up with Connor, Tom (the orange tabby of Connor’s diseased mother) … and Mary Ann! Is it going to be the second chance for Connor who is still grieving his mother … The writer has given us a story filled with hope and healing and forgiveness … it is also a story of possibility of a Christmas miracle! I read the story when the holiday season was long gone and the writer’s words took me back to the holiday season when everyone hopes for something special (and someone special)! And you should read the first book before you jump into this one; you will enjoy the ride much more! The writer gives us also the delight of meeting Ron and Norma and Alana again … Close your eyes and you will wonder down the streets of the town with them while getting lost in your imagination! (I pictured the small town in California that I lived in for some years when picturing the small town that the writer has brought us to!)
And then we have the conclusion – Second Chance. We are back with Connor and Mary Ann and Connor’s mother’s cat Tom. Connor is back to stay and he has finally acknowledged that it was a grave mistake to leave Mary Ann and he is going to go out on a limb to make her part of his and Tom’s life, again … from scrambled eggs to finger licking grilled cheese … If you love second chances stories then this series is the one to go to and you will be keeping your fingers crossed for Connor and Mary Ann until they cramp!

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