Mountains Series Boxed Set:(Books 1-3) By Phoebe Alexander – Review by Michelle Austin

Mountains Series Boxed Set: (Books 1-3)Mountains Series Boxed Set: by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Mountains Trilogy is a great 5 star read from the Mountains series.
I was pulled right in and really like all of the characters in each of these books.

Book 1: Mountains Wanted
Sarah is a professor and a single mom. When she meets Jame’s she is immediately attracted to him and they have a great connection. And we get some steamy moments from them. Sarah struggles with how to tell Jame’s her secret. How will he react, will he understand?
All of the secondary characters were great, I loved Sarah’s best friend, she was a hoot. I had several LOL moments, especially when her son would ask her questions. We get a cliffhanger that leads into book 2. Thankfully this is a trilogy so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens.

Book 2: Mountains Climbed
We move forward with Sarah’s story. She has revealed her lifestyle and is a very loving person. James has been deployed and moved on. Sarah is broken hearted and ends up meeting someone new. They both struggle with moving forward. There is so much more to this read, I don’t want to give anything away. I will say that my emotions were all over the place.

Book 3 – Mountains Loved
This book tested my feelings for Sarah at times. I didn’t always agree with her decisions on things. We see a change in Sarah’s behavior, not what we are used to seeing in the previous books. It shows that she’s human. James was another one that pushed my buttons as well. I don’t want to go into detail on this with the risk of giving things away. I will just say 1-click and get started on this great series so you can understand my feelings.

Overall this is a great series and I really enjoy all of the characters. I look forward to reading more from the series and this author. Your emotions will be all over the place and we get some very steamy moments. Thank you Phoebe Alexander for a great read.

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