The Player (Men of WarHawks Book 2) by Jacquie Biggar – Review by Karyn Taylor

The Player (Men of WarHawks Book 2)The Player by Jacquie Biggar
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The Player is the 2nd book in the Men Of WarHawks series by Jacquie Biggar. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. I had not read the first book before reading this although I had read other work by this author. I will be going back to read the first book now as I really enjoyed this one.
Roy Donaldson is a top NHL player whose career has taken a bit of a dive due to a psycho ex-girlfriend spreading lies about him. To help his career, his team bring in sassy PA Patience Kennedy to sort him out. Just what he wants, another woman trying to organise him!
This book flows quickly and keeps you gripped to the story by adding elements of humour, romance, drama etc. The very first meeting between Roy and Patience in the locker room, when he thinks she’s a reported looking for a story, is particularly funny. The book was much more dramatic than I had anticipated. Jacquie Biggar does a fantastic job of writing the dramatic scenes with the psycho ex as everything comes to a dramatic conclusion.
Added to the drama is the attraction between Roy and Patience. She is the total opposite of everything he’s ever looked for in a woman but he can’t help his growing attraction and feelings towards her, some of which adds to the humorous element of the story, particularly when Patience’s older brothers are added to the fun and games.
I’d definitely recommend this book to others.

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