A Gentleman’s Stipulation (The Scarlet Salon Book 4) by Jean Wilde – Review by Tausha Treadway

A Gentleman's Stipulation (The Scarlet Salon, #4)A Gentleman’s Stipulation by Jean Wilde
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A Gentleman’s Stipulation (The Scarlet Salon Book 4) by Jean Wilde. I loved this book. I read it one sitting and once you start you will want to do the same. Its the story of Lady Victoria Gilbert who is older than most debutantes because of a horrible mistake during her first coming. A rumor was spread because she made a friend mad and it ruined her chance to find a husband so she is desperate to find one now. She longs for a husband and children. Blake Hall is a new rick son of a Mill Tycoon and has been spurned in the love department because he wasn’t good enough. He has sworn off women especially debutantes until he meets Lady Victoria. Her sharp tongue makes him so confused…does he want to smack her or kiss her. After their first meeting knowing nothing will come of their relationship they banter back and forth until family and friends find them in a compromising position. Blake saves her and hatches a plan to save her reputation by saying they are engaged. Feelings get involved while they are spending time together and there is a lot more at stake than a reputation. Will they make their crazy situation work? Read A Gentlemen’s Stipulation to find out!

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