All The Wrong Reasons (Serendipity Falls Novel Book 1) by Erin Bevan – Review by Anantha Rusum

All The Wrong ReasonsAll The Wrong Reasons by Erin Bevan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a romance story between two childhood friends Max and Alex (Alexandra) who know each other for 20 years. The story is set in a small-town setting. Alex is a girl with lofty ideals, someone who is committed to her work and her partner. Max, on the contrary is a playboy and does not commit to any relationships. One fateful night, Alex goes to a pub, gets drunk and commits a big mistake. She is about to become a single mother. Her job and reputation are in peril. Max is contesting for the Mayor of the town in the upcoming election and is convinced that a family image will help him win the election. So, when he sees Alex in such a pitiable position, his heart goes out for her. He proposes a marriage of convenience to Alex. Alex isn’t very comfortable with this as she thinks that this is a marriage of compromise. If it remains a contract between them or love brews between the two friends forms the crux of the story.
The good part about this book is though the characters are facing some grave problems, it is portrayed in a funny way, so the seriousness of the issues is not highlighted at all. It is a romance book, if anyone is in a look out for a light romance breezy read, you can check this out.

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