Anger (Hero High Book 2) by Mina Chara – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Anger (Hero High, #2)Anger by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anger is book 2 in the Hero High series and is set in the near future world of Icon City which is a haven for ‘powered one-percenters’. The story centres around Friday Fitzsimmons who is now in her second year at Hero High which is a famous school for people with powers. However Hero High is not just a school for trainee superheroes it is also a reality TV show and one of many on the Hero Channel. Friday discovers that she can not trust the ‘Hero Channel’ and that someone is lying to her but does not know who. Friday must stop the real super villains along with her hero, Captain Fantastic but is not sure who the actual bad guys are.
Although this is a short story it packs a lot in and it has a fast paced storyline and the world building is great and really pulls you in so you feel totally immersed in Icon City. I like Friday as the main character as she is a strong and independent young lady but she is also very relatable as she suffers from anxiety but does her best to hide this especially from the cameras. I found the introduction at the beginning helpful explaining how Icon City came about and also a brief recap on book one which means you could read this as a standalone story. Personally I think you would appreciate the story better having read book one, Denial. It was an exciting read and a good second book, I look forward to future books in the Hero High series.

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