Bargaining (Hero High Book 3) by Mina Chara – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Bargaining (Hero High, #3)Bargaining by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book three in Mina Chara’s ‘Hero High’ series featuring Friday Fitzsimmons. The series is set in the near future world of Icon City, a place filled with powered one-percenters. Although there is a brief catch up at the beginning of this novel, the series of books needs to be read in order, Denial, Anger, and then this book, Bargaining. The story centres around Friday Fitzsimmons who is a student at Hero High which is a famous school for people with powers. However Hero High is not just a school for trainee superheroes it is also a reality TV show and one of many on the Hero Channel. This book continues from, book two, Anger, and although Friday has joined the ‘Gold Team’ and is now liked by the producers of Hero High things are going wrong for her. Her relationship with friend Jake is falling apart, Dr.Dangerous is not who she thought he is and as soon as she is about to uncover the truth forces she can’t see interfere. Friday still has Captain Fantastic on her side though.
This is another short read but packed full of adventure, a fast paced storyline continuing with Friday’s adventures at Hero High. I have come to love Friday over the three books and think she is a great lead character, very likeable and in this story she is still overcoming her acute anxiety of which she suffers, this to me makes her a relatable character. She is also doubting herself, as she wants to be a good super hero but is worried that she is loosing herself in the process. The world building is great and really pulls you in so you feel totally immersed in Icon City.

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