Holding Out for You by Anna Paige – Review by Lisa Helmick

Holding Out for YouHolding Out for You by Anna Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you love books that you just can’t seem to put down? How about the ones that you read way past your bedtime? With this book I accomplished both of those! I can’t even say what made me do it. The way it was written, the characters I couldn’t say no to or or because this storyline just called to something inside me. Well..in this case it’s all three.

I ab-so-lutly LOVE the relationship these besties have and I’m not just talking about the girls. Ashton and Becker have amazing banter between them that it’s easy to tell they have been friends years. They make me laugh when they get throwing words back and forth. Even the wonderful brother sister bond is so strong. It’s easy to see why all of these kids love and protect each other.

Ashton is a dreamboat of epic proportions! I don’t think he can say or do anything wrong. In fact I have many highlighted words from this man. Everyone wants to hear what he is saying. Just to them.

I loved this story so much! The friendships, brotherhood, the protectiveness….heck even the sassy chatter and the love all make this a five star read!

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