Serenade by TK Lawyer – Review by Erin Wolf

SerenadeSerenade by T.K. Lawyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Serenade by T.K Lawyer, 4 stars.

This is a steamy Paranormal Romance with a wolf shifter and a human who has no idea the supernatural even exists. Kingsley knows right away that Eva is his, but now he will have to convince her, and he will do anything to prove it. But how will she react when he tells her the truth? Eva gave up on dating, but meeting Kingsley give her second thoughts. Should she give him a chance? Why does it feel like he is hiding something?

An entertaining supernatural romance, this has elements of romance, suspense, and some fun thrown into the mix. The characters are real and fun, I would love to see more of them. Even though Eva isn’t sure what she believes, she steps up for those she cares for when the time is needed. It is a story of whether or not these two, who seem to be fated, can dance to the song of romance and become one. But it is not a simple one. It takes love and trust, and we see just how much each one has.

If you are a fan of supernatural romance, you will enjoy this book.

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