Southern Promises: The Complete Series (A Contemporary Romance Standalone Box Set) by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Angela Shirley

Southern Promises: The Complete Series (A Contemporary Romance Standalone Box Set)Southern Promises: The Complete Series by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Southern Promises: The Complete Series is a lovely collections of feel goods stories which are fully of great characters and brilliant writing.

The first story Georgia Clay is a heart warming story of lost loves and can you have second chance on life. The story follows Katie a hard working real estate agent and Clay a songwriter from Nashville and a love and attraction that truly never thought that they would meet again until a ten year reunion offers love another chance.
This story is lovely and such great characters who you want to route for, the story can be read as a standalone but this starts the great collection with a bang and you delve into this world and you don;t want to let go.

The second book in this series, Georgia on my mind is a story of chance meeting and instant attraction. This solitary follows Katie’s brother who was introduced within the first book. He was a up and coming Investment Banker but with an indiscretion has caused him to lose everything, his career, reputation and is hiding at Katie’s house.
He then decides to go out and that’s were he meets her Marilyn Monroe. Gia has her struggles and as an independent woman she does not need his help but this handsome guy is starting to seep into her heart. This is a great feel good story like them all and I loved the sassy attitude of the character Gia.

The third book is Georgia Pine and whatever happens to the Head Cheerleader. From the outside Jessica’s life is the standard everyone ones to emulate but deep down there are cracks and she is falling into heartache. Until Tim comes along with his rough and nonsense attitude but when he sees this broken smart woman he decides he needs to be involved in her world.
This story is about rebirth for both characters and I loved this story the most, although the other stories where brilliant in their own right I felt more drawn to this story.

If you enjoy feel good, heart warming stories with brilliant characters and a well written story I recommend this collection of lovely books. Although they are a set of three you could read them as standalone stories and they would transfer really well but in all honesty you would want to read them straight like did. This is the first books I have read by this author and will not be the last.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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