The Finder of the lucky Devil (The Lucky Devil series Book 1) by Megan Mackie – Review by Michelle Austin

The Finder of the Lucky Devil (Lucky Devil Series Book 1)The Finder of the Lucky Devil by Megan Mackie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Finder of the Lucky Devil (Lucky Devil #1) by Megan Mackie was an interesting 5 star read.
This is a book that is out of the realm of what I typically read but I really enjoyed it.

We start with an interesting prologue and then we jump ahead six years later to Rune owning a bar in Chicago, The Lucky Devil’s. Rune inherited the bar from her aunt. Rune has a secret that she has to keep, but owning the bar is making it difficult for her to keep a low profile.

When Saint comes into the bar wanting to hire Rune to use her special skills to find someone, there’s a little problem. The person he needs to find is actually right in front of him but doesn’t know it. Needing the money for the mortgage, will Rune take the Job?

Overall I really enjoyed this read, it is a very interesting world that pulls you right in. We meet several different characters, trolls, vampires, fairies and so much more. We get action and some twists that add a great element to the story. I wasn’t sure about Saint at first but he quickly grew on me, I loved Rune from the beginning. Megan Mackie does a great job of pulling you in with her writing. I look forward to reading more from her. 1-click and get started today.

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