Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Series Book 3) by Victoria Grant – Review by Faith Jackson

Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Book 3)Designing Love by Victoria Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Practically-minded, brutally honest, Carol Winters is at the peak of her career and for the most part has avoided relationships by her own default. Her boundaries are tested when she’s chosen as lead designer for Calderone Industries and must work with the bosses’ son. He’s creative and handsome but he’s intervening with her work.
Charles Calderone is an expert at the finer things in life but doesn’t want to settle for just a job when his knowledge expands further than just that. Being VP at the family’s firm is challenging (to say the least) but he’s got his sights on an architect. As she is gorgeous and gifted, but she annoys the hell out of him by bugging him to consult on every design decision!
The more heated their arguments get, the more they learn to like one another but their worlds entwine sooner than later. They have to wiggle through their madness to find common ground but will they? Or will both their careers be lost because of this?
I found that this book was sweet, romantic and unpredictable. The tit for tat battle these two create for themselves make the book playful. Their work relations make it more adult and I found it very intriguing to read. I loved this pleasant read!

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