Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas by Zarina Macha – Review by Kerry Carr

Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two NovellasEvery Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas by Zarina Macha
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This book has 2 stories inside.

The first one called Every Last Thought is a real hard story to read. It contains themes such as mental illness, rape and drug and alcohol abuse. Although these are hard subject to read about it has been written with respect. We follow the journey of Tess. A teenage girl who suffers from schizophrena. She struggles with life as the voices in her head make life hard. So she uses alcohol and eventually drugs to cope with it. Its a heartbreaking and also an eye opening story.

The second story is called Psycho Girl. This is a different type of story about a girl called Evelyn who is a psychopath. On the outside she is a normal girl who has everything she wants. Great grades, a perfect boyfriend, good friends. However she hides a secret from everyone. She doesnt care. She has no feelings or thoughts for anyone but herself and what Evelyn wants she gets one way or another. Her life progresses well. People see her as driven and determined but when she gets rejected by the college she wants to go to she snaps and the true Evelyn comes to light. It is a very chilling story and scary to think that there are people living like that, happy, normal lives until something makes them snap.

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