Finding Leda; the Science of Happiness (Italian College Novel 1, The Italian Saga) by Gaia B Amman – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Finding Leda, the Science of Happiness (The Italian Saga #5)Finding Leda, the Science of Happiness by Gaia B. Amman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the heart of Milan in 2000, Leda Balni is nineteen and hoping to graduate in genetic engineering. Having read Gaia B Amman’s previous series of her fictionalised account of her own childhood and having read about her school years I was pleased to catch up with Leda and I was not disappointed.
Leda is pondering her happiness along with her feelings as she enjoys her independence, her learning and her rock band. Does she really have time for falling in love and surely she’s to clever for her feelings to be for Sergio, as although he is handsome in a smouldering way he is also unreliable, brooding, and a pothead.
The author manages to capture the thoughts and feelings of a nineteen year old which make Leda so realistic and relatable as a character. She is able to touch on raw emotions and write with such honesty as well as give good life advice. The book is both a great read with an exciting storyline and an independent, feisty and clever heroine at its heart and is also an empowering read. I also felt completely immersed in the wonderful Italian setting due to the authors detailed descriptions, I felt I was in the heart of Milan along with Leda. I look forward to continuing Leda’s adventures with her in future books.

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