Forgotten Chance: Book Three (The Forgotten Trilogy) by Virginia Wine – Review by Rachel Moss

Forgotten Chance: Book Three (Forgotten Trilogy)Forgotten Chance: Book Three by Virginia Wine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forgotten Chance by Virginia Wine was a great finale to the Forgotten series. I enjoyed following Bryer’s and Nathan’s romantic journey to this conclusion. This book was very suspenseful, steamy, and sweet! I won’t lie, I cried during some of it! My only complaint for this novel is the fact that along with the others, the timelines and time itself during the story are never really determined. The author just skips from one scene to another with no clear perception of the scene changing, or who is saying what, so I was a little confused. But other than that this was a great novel! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series!

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