Irresistible Weddings (Irresistible Romance Book 4) Anthology – Review by Jana Teppih

IRRESISTIBLE WEDDINGS (Irresistible Romance Book 4)IRRESISTIBLE WEDDINGS by Tamara Ferguson
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Irresistible Weddings is a collection of nine stories by some of the coolest writers I have ever read! Some of them were new for me and some of them I have been following for years and have read everything or most they have ever written (hint, Tamara Ferguson and Stephanie Queen!!!!) I love anthologies/collections as they give us a great opportunity to discover new writers and if you love romance then Irresistible Weddings is the fourth book in the Irresistible Romance series!
If you want to prolong the pleasure and build up the romance, read just one story a day! It helps you to really feel and it also gives you time to go looking for what the writers have written more if you like their writing!
As you can guess, the first story I headed for was Tamara Ferguson! Her Two Hearts’ Alliance is another story from her Wounded Warriors series and I absolutely loved it! I don’t think I have read anything by Tamara that I have not liked! This story is about two people coming together and forming an alliance that might turn into love if they do not get torn apart by an enemy…
The other one that I headed for was Playing with the Bridesmaid by Stephanie Queen, one of my favorite Aussie writers! She gives us Max and Natalie and I laughed a lot and I also felt a lot. It was a great story with a surprising twist and it shows as that an age might just be a numbers, in some cases!
The collection gives us stories that are different and at the same time familiar and you will enjoy every single one of them!

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