Love the Way You Dance by Allison M. Boot – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Love the Way You DanceLove the Way You Dance by Allison M Boot
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We are back with Misty and Derrick who are now King and Queen of what is now called Starrycrest. This book focuses on their adoptive daughter Kara, who like Misty is in a wheelchair. This is a lovely modern day fairytale with a difference, in that the main character, the princess, Kara has a disability. Kara has the starring role in the Starrycrest Starlets’ production of The Nutcracker, however to achieve her dream she must prepare for the biggest night of her life with a dance partner she does not like. Soon Kara faces bigger concerns and must face her deepest insecurities when big changes occur which threaten her place both within the Denison family and in the kingdom. Things are complicated further for Kara when she hears of a program that helps orphans find their forever families but comes up against refusals from those within the royal family when she attempts to do similar in Starrycrest. In the background are the troublesome trolls who are after revenge following the events in the previous book.
Allison M. Boot conjures up a magical world of royal families, kingdoms, magic and trolls and through her detailed descriptions as a reader you really feel fully immersed in Starrycrest. The book is a lovely fairy story but it also deals with, family and family loyalties, adoption, personal insecurities and disability all of which the author has weaved into a magical story with great characters whom you grow to love and admire.
The fact that the main character has a disability is sadly a rare thing in a book and this in itself makes Allison M. Boot’s novel unique. The author has written about the disability with such sensitivity and honesty that she brings awareness of disabilities to her readers.
Although some of the characters cross over from Boot’s previous book, ‘Just the Way You Are’ and the stories are set in the same kingdom this can be read as a standalone book. I was very impressed with this novel and I hope it both inspires and educates readers that disabilities do not need to hold a person back from fulfilling their potential.

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