Not So Far (Love Grows Series Book 3) by Renee Regent – Review by Tracy Manderson

Not So Far (Love Grows series, Book 3)Not So Far by Renee Regent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not So Far (Love Grows series, Book 3)by Renee Regent

By 5 out of 5

Not So Far is the third book in the love grows series by Renee Regent and I have loved all three books. The characters are well written and strong minded. I just love their quirkiness that the characters share.

Audrey and Silas where teenage lovers for a summer. She thought they had true love, but he left and she doesn’t know why. Now he is back in town and her feelings are just as strong but there is so much water under the bridge, so much anger, so much pain, so much lost, so many secrets.

Silas wants to tell Audrey why he left but he can’t. Will she believe him when he comes clean? Will Audrey tell Silas her secrets? Will Silas forgive Audrey for her secrets?



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