Saint Code: The Lost (Saint Code Book 1) by Megan Mackie – Review by Anantha Rusum

Saint Code: Lost: Book Four of the Lucky Devil SeriesSaint Code: Lost: Book Four of the Lucky Devil Series by Megan Mackie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I picked this book, I thought this was the first in the series. I did not know that it is actually the fourth in the Lucky Devil series. So, the foundations are all laid prior, characters are well established and the plot jumps into action right from the first page. That being said, even with the lack of proper background, I found myself drawn to this book. There were some jargons which I did not understand, but the book is fully action packed and is filled with twists and turns, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Saint Augustina is a cyber-spy who is hired to do the dangerous tasks. She is approached by a person who calls herself Orange Lady to accomplish three tasks for huge ransom of money. She pairs up with another saint, a Saint Benedict whom she does not trust. But she does not have a choice, and has to work with him. Together they set forth for the missions. As the case unfolds, they find out that this case is not the same as the others. Someone is behind to get Saint Augustina and what started with a neo-Ninja fight and other fancy attacks in the beginning, starts getting more dangerous and personal as the case progresses.
I really enjoyed reading this book. As I had mentioned earlier, I did not read its prequels and so I am not aware of the evolution behind the characters. This the first time I have heard of certain genres like neon-dystopia and cyberpunk. I found it very interesting, all the elements were mysterious and very engaging! I hope to read all the books of this series.

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