Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman – Review by Angela Hayes

Swallowed by a SecretSwallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Swallowed by a Secret by Risa Nyman was such a surprising read- in a great way. It is a highly emotive story aimed at tweenage children (9 – 13), but can also be enjoyed by older readers, like me, too.
Rocky’s life is turned upside down by the death of his father. He and his mother have to move house, and he has a new school to adjust to. But on top of all that, there’s quite a big secret surrounding the death of his father, and that everything he though he knew, may not be true. He is determined to uncover the truth and get to the bottom of it all. And so starts his ‘adventure’. Along with his friend Olive- they set off to unravel the mystery and find the truth.
This is such a relatable story. Rocky and Olive are really wonderful characters. Rocky’s story is very engaging and I was totally invested in the outcome of it all- but I think that Olive really stole the show. She was that extra ingredient that took this story from interesting, to impressive.
The story includes some sensitive and difficult topics- which I think the author handled in a considerate, yet realistic way.
This is definitely worth the read. But, be sure to have some tissues on standby, as you are going to need them.

Thank you, Risa Nyman!


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