Being Lost: Satan’s Devils MC San Diego #1 by Manda Mellett – Reviewed by Roxsanne Lesieur

Being Lost (Satan's Devils MC San Diego #1)Being Lost by Manda Mellett
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This book should only be read by the over 18’s, there are lots of adult themed and violent scenes throughout, which are unsuitable for those any younger.

This book is a branch of the Satan’s Devil’s MC series and is based in the San Diego chapter, it revolves around the Mc’s Prez Lost and his inner turmoil as the President of the Club and as his name suggests, he feels lost since his club was torn apart and nearly broken, just like him.

The book starts as Lost is struggling with a nightmare of his club’s past troubles and this feeds his perceived inability to lead and lack of self confidence. He is reliving the events that nearly tore the club apart and is fighting against his subconscious in the form that it takes. He wakes up in a sweat, wrapped in the sheets and realising that sleep will now evade him, he gets up and gets ready to face the day. This doesn’t get any better as it is reported in the club “Church” meeting that a past member has reared his head where he shouldn’t have, but it is pushed to the back of his mind as the meeting progresses and other reports are given, including one that reported that the drive-by’s past the house that they have been asked to look out for by another chapter, haven’t noticed that externally, nothing has changed.

Next we meet Patsy, her son is on the run and she has made the tough decision to follow him and leave her daughter behind when he had to go into hiding from a past that, if they are found, would probably mean the end of them. They are trying to settle into their new lives in San Diego and as she is left alone in the house again, while her son is at work, she relives the worst event in her life and the reason why they had to leave their home. As she is looking at her business and debating with herself how to move forward with it, she hears the passing motorcycle again and wonders who they are and why they are passing by there again.

We next see Lost in Church again, when their technology expert reports that he has had a message he cannot track at all, say that “They know where they are” and they debate what they are going to do. The result of this debate is that Lost will go to discreetly visit the house and let those living there hear the bad news. This is where Lost and Patsy meet for the first time and not their last. As Lost and Patsy discuss the situation, the danger is made apparent to her and her son and this is where the real story begins.

As their paths become fraught with danger, passion, mystery and rebellion, they discover where their paths will take them and the costs that will hinder them along the way. For a passionate tale of new beginnings, overcoming past traumas and forging of loyalties, both new and old, prepare yourselves to become invested in another world.

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