Love Comes In The Mourning by Erin Bevan – Review by Angela Shirley

Love Comes in the MourningLove Comes in the Mourning by Erin Bevan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when a second chance in both love and life comes a knocking, are you ready to just go with the flow?

This book introduces us to two wonderful characters, Lesley who after her divorce has been at a loss but when she receives news that she has inherited her Great Aunt’s house this may be on the up.

John is a widower trying to support his family and strive to keep his business afloat. He really needs the contract to renovate Rosalynn Manor but he has an aversion to those city types as he has been burnt once too many times, but upon meeting Lesley there is an attraction he can’t quite point his finger on.

I loved this story from the very first paragraph, these two characters were well created and complimented each other brilliantly. The way the story weaved through kept me engaged and invested with these two people. The way the story delved into the emotional side of each of them was lovely and I love a book that makes me cry.

This is the first book I have read by this author and can’t to read more, I recommend this book to anyone who just loves a good feel good story.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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