The Labyrinthine Journey (Servant of the Gods Book 2) by Luciana Cavallaro – Review by Erica Fish

The Labyrinthine Journey (Servant of the Gods, #2)The Labyrinthine Journey by Luciana Cavallaro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My heart is still racing from the adrenal rush from this story. One of my favorite topics is Mythology. I love the gods, demi-gods, and the history around them. Luciana Cavallaro is a mastermind. She has created worlds for her characters to come to life. The absorbent amount of details paint a vivid picture that one can see. There is everything you would expect in a historical fantasy story: adventure, action, gods, mythology, drama, prophecy and relics. Her characters fly off the page which makes the story all around awesome. Evan is in the 21st Century world. He was taken to Ancient Greece. He needs to complete some tasks for his father Zeus. That is how he will return to the 21st Century. Will Evan complete his tasks? Will he survive the journey? I highly recommend reading this heart pumping story to find out the answers to these questions and many more adventures that are within the pages of this book.

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