The Slaughter of Leith Hall by Lexie Conyngham – Review by Jana Teppih

The Slaughter of Leith HallThe Slaughter of Leith Hall by Lexie Conyngham
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The Slaughter of Leith Hall by Lexie Conyngham is a historical mystery story that any history lover can appreciate! If you love Scotland and if you know even a bit of the great historical events of that beautiful country then for sure this book is for you! It was my first read by this writer and I have to say that I had not really read the genre either before so it was a great surprise! I chose to pick up the book because I love Scotland and I love history and … nothing else to add!
The story takes place not long after Culloden and Jacobites are still going strong though they lost so many of theirs. We meet a young man called Charlie Rob who finds himself on a journey under the guidance of John Leith of Leith Hall. It is a journey filled with twist that is always part of searching for justice and truth! He ends in a middle of a mystery murder case and he will all to find out the truth.
I have to say that I am used to having a romance always peppered through most of the stories I read, historical or not (I am a great fan of Outlander series and I think that says it all when it comes to historicals) and in some ways it was a fresh breath of wind to read something that was so interwoven with the history I know of and just have a young man looking for an answer and truth!

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