Breaking Traditions: The Shifter And The Mage by Madilynn Dale – Review by Kayla Interdonato

Breaking Traditions: The Shifter And The MageBreaking Traditions: The Shifter And The Mage by Madilynn Dale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Breaking Traditions: The Shifter and The Mage is an amazing paranormal, romance novel by Madilynn Dale. Natalie wants nothing more than to have her own bakery business but unfortunately, her parents don’t share in her dream. In a perfect world, they would want Natalie to be a perfect stay at home mom. The main issue with that is her parents want her to be with her ex Theo. Natalie struggles to be true to her shifter heritage but also wants to be happy with her life. Then enter Alex, the mage. Natalie’s wolf side feels drawn to Alex, but this of course is against the shifter tradition. Alex begins falling in love with Natalie but feels that she isn’t being truthful with him. I almost felt bad for Natalie as she struggled through her life. She wants to please her family, she wants to live as a shifter, but she also has dreams of her own. Then I felt bad for Alex too because all he wants is to be with Natalie but he feels like there is something getting in the way of them. Throughout the whole novel, I just wanted the two of them to be happy. The author did a wonderful job with both the paranormal aspects of this novel as well as the romantic ones. I definitely recommend reading this book!

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