Shooting Star (Back Door Records Book 1) by Xana Jordan

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Shooting Star (Back Door Records Book 1) by Xana Jordan


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Genre – Romance

Page Count – 245

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Music and all it entails has intrigued me since I was old enough to remember. The lights, the fans, the makings of a new musical sensation.

Being an agent for a record label allows me to be involved with every aspect of the industry. Seeing artists reach their dreams and full potential makes me feel more alive than I can ever imagine.

At least it does until a beautiful brunette auditions for a spot opening for one of my bands.

The moment her sultry voice reaches my ears I know she’s perfect for my band. Then, I see her face as she sings and know she is perfect for me.


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Xana Jordan is an m&m loving girl who finally decided to let the stories in her head be put on paper. She loves to cook and read, and when she’s not doing those things, you can always find her writing, assisted by her cat, lovingly nicknamed Diva and Princess.


Her first book, Loving Noel, launched the Wildcat Graduates series, and now contains seven books, with one more in the works. Her second series, Colorado Mountain Novels, has the first book, Love, Inevitable, already available. She has also co-authored a series named Winter Haven with Michelle Rene, and its first two books, Nixon and Lyndon, are available now, with two more books to follow, one of them this fall.

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