John the Baptist: As His Soul Remembers by Stuart Ledwith

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John the Baptist: As His Soul Remembers by Stuart Ledwith


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PAGE COUNT – 228 pages

Genre – Non-fiction, Inspirational

Cover Designer – Iconologist Paula Lichvar


Welcome to the life and times of John the Baptist, a Messiah, a prophet, a healer, a baptizer, a loner, a lover, a bringer of great news to the Jewish people and all others who listened. This is in no way a religious book. It is writen to clarify his life, his thought, his feelings and to set right a few wrongs.

Edouard, the philosopher, believes humans will always try to take over the things of souls and the things of God and when they do they misuse the word of God to fit their own needs for power and control. Edouard’s message was to listen to the word of God, love God as God loves you, live unconditional love, all are created equal.

In his lifetime there were no people in power willing to listen to him or his message. The mangods conspired to eliminate him. He died on the whim of a dancing girl who wanted his head on a platter.


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Dr. Stu has always enjoyed spending time and conversing with souls desiring to make themselves known to him. He finds it quite normal to converse with them as he would a human. When writing with them he writes what they say verbatum or as close as possible to the desired meaning, he describes pictures they present and the emotions displayed. In his last book he wrote for the soul of Sarah Tarbell, a distant cousin of his describing the harrowing tale of her abduction at age fourteen and her growth to adulthood in a very different world. In this volume he writes for the soul Edouard who enlivened the body of John the Baptist. These works are subtitled, “As His/Her Soul

Author Interview With Stuart Ledwith



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